Monday, December 31, 2012


Can you still see the tag on my shoes? This is the 'I'm so excited that I forget to remove it' picture.
2012.. This is the year that I:

- Made a weird video of cookies saying goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012
- Did a photoshoot in the middle of the woods while it was snowing. (So fun! But so cold!)
- Went to Strasbourg for a week to spent some time with family there and picking up some french (because I sucked at school and I really wanted to graduate.
- Went to Zeeland and scored some really good sunset pictures! (And a couple of weird ones of me.. Thanks mom!)
- Graduated from high school!
- Went to Biarritz and met Carissa Moore there!! (Highlight of the year!) O and scored some really good action shots of Sally Fitzgibbons ripping some small waves. (But unfortunately it was a cloudy day..)
- Went to Switzerland to visit family and meeting new family members (like Isaline) :)
- Decided not to go to college this year and just having fun.
- Joined the hockeyteam again.
- Ordered the Isabel Marant Betty shoes in white. (Yay me!)
- Donated 30cm of my hair to the charity called Stichting Haarwensen. (They make wigs for people who have cancer).
- Went to Paris for a week with my parents and brothers and sis-in-law.
- Flew straight to Geneva after that (all by myself, and the first time flying)! And I had an amazing week over there!
- Got myself an early christmas present: the Isabel Marant Bobby shoes in camel.
- Created a blog called 'The Dutchie'
- Now typing this piece for my blog, who I've ignored for the last few days..

Happy new year everybody! And I'll see you in 2013!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Lights

Coldplay - Christmas Lights

Totally in love with this song right now. I always love Coldplay and I think it's great that they have their own Christmas kind of song. I can't wait until it's Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Switzerland part 3


Me and Isaline

ph/ private

This is the last post about Switzerland. Isaline and I went from Geneva to the Vallée de Joux to spent some time with her family there. We had a lot of fun, we played games, visited an old village (see pictures above), did some homework and at night we watched Friends.
Fun fact: 1. We've watched season 1-5 in about 1 week.
Fun fact 2. English spoken with french subtitles. You won't believe how many times I saw the phrase 'Oh mon Dieu!'. But if you want to learn french, it won't hurt to put the subtitles in french (for the dutchies and other 'not-native-english-speakers' among us).

This is how my week looked like:

Friday: flying from Paris (yes, Paris!! More on that later ;) to Geneva.
Saturday: went to the center of Geneva and bought some delicious macarons from Ladurée (please, can somebody sent me some salty caramel macarons?), saw for the first time in my life a whole (!!) store filled with Christian Louboutin shoes! If you were there: yes, I was the girl drooling outside the store..
Sunday: Stayed at the house, began with the first season of Friends.
Monday: Went to the Jardin Botanique and to the movies, to Taken 2. You know, in France and in Switserland, the english movies are french spoken. So for me (not speaking french) it's hard to follow a movie in french with no subtitles. Besides I hate it when the original language is replaced with the language of the country that's playing it. But.... they had Taken 2 (which I really wanted to see) with the original language with french subtitles. So it was a win-win situation :) And we both really liked the movie.
Tuesday: Stayed at the house, having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, which ended with not watching and baking the chocolate cake.. The funny thing was that Isaline was certain that she had baking powder at home and no vanilla sugar. When we came home it appeared that she had no baking powder and did have vanilla sugar, but I only bought the vanilla sugar. So we had to bake the cake with yeast (because I really wanted to bake the cake and it was a challenge for me to see how the cake would turn out ;p) and it wasn't bad at all! I really liked it. Unfortunately, Isaline was sick that day so it was good that we stayed in.
Wednesday: We went to see the lake of Geneva for the first/last time that week and then we took the train to the Vallée de Joux to spent some time there.
Thursday: We went to Murten, a little village in the German speaking section of Switzerland.
Friday: I don't really remeber what we did, but I think we stayed at the house playing games (a lot of UNO) and chopping wood.
Saturday: Was really special. In Holland we're lucky if it snows, just for a little bit. But it was maybe the end of October and it began to snow! That made me want to stay even more.
Sunday: The end. I had to go home.. I really wanted to stay, but I had to work on monday so I had to go.. And the plain was kinda waiting for me (or not, cause they don't really wait for people). So I had to go home.. But I had an amazing week and really want to go back! But the good news is that Isaline is coming to Holland in February, so it's going to be the 'toerist-local-kind-of-week'.

Oh and did I mention it was my first time flying? :)

Funny story: On the way back (Geneva-Amsterdam), I sat next to a (dutch) man with his kid. Because when I wanted to ask if the seat next to him was free I just asked it in English (because you never know what language he speaks). Halfway there he asked me which language I spoke. So I said: 'English and Dutch'. (And I really said DUTCH, not Deutsch!). He answered: 'Oh! Yeah I learned Deutsch at school. Wasn't very good at it'. And I think 15 minutes before, I said something in Dutch to him. So now he still thinks that I don't understand a single word of Dutch.. Haha.

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone Newbury boots via Ssense

These boots are *after 10 minutes thinking*: gorgeous in a lot of ways. I love (almost) every kind of shoes. From the Valentino Rockstud sandals to the long leather wedge boots from Givenchy and everything that's between it. But I know myself. I would buy them and let them sit in my closet and only wear them inside the house (or on a bookshelf and stare at them all day long). But these boots from Rag&Bone are just perfect. They have the quality that I'm looking for (real leather everywhere), the style that I love (stylish, but not über-stylish) and the right amount of heel height.
Too bad that they're not in my price range. Like miles above my price range..

Ah well, a wishlist is free, right?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Switzerland part 2

Funny shot of Isaline

ph/ private

Just to straight something out: these photo's are taken last fall, so like a month ago (or 2). But I really wanted to take you through the cities I've seen through my camera lens. :)

We (me and Isaline) were in this old part of Genthod and I had to take some pictures. The funny thing is that we had to hurry because our train was leaving in (I think) 45 minutes and we still had to go home to pack our suitcases and backpacks to bring with us. O and a chocolat cake that we baked (yummie!), but had to pack.. And try to pack a chocolat cake while having a backpack and a suitcase to worry about..

But we had a lot of fun and made it all on time :)

Friday, December 14, 2012


Isabel Marant shoes, Maison Scotch jumpers.

It is this time of year again. The stores have lowered their prices through some incredible discounts. I'm always very picky when I go shopping so I was really happy when I found these jumpers. They are both form Maison Scotch, and normally I wouldn't buy clothes from M.S. but the discount moved the price over into my price range. Yay me!

Well, I hear you thinking. 'What? Jumpers from M.S. are too expensive for you but you have 2 pairs of Isabel Marant shoes?'. Yep that's right. I got 2 (!!) pairs of Isabel Marant Shoes. It cost me a lot, but there's a long story to it.. I'm not going to tell the whole story but here's the short version:

Fell in love with the red Bekket shoes in august, were sold out everywhere. Called every store in Holland that sells Isabel Marant. Nobody had them anymore. One store had the Bobby (in camel) coming in december/january, so they put me on the waiting list (and that made me feel like I was a rich bitch, which I'm not), a few days later (begin september) I saw the Betty (in white) on Net-A-Porter and I really really really wanted them so I bought the white ones. Now a few months later the Bobby's came in, so now I have 2 pairs.

But since I'm not Paris Hilton or some other rich girl that has too much money, I decided to sell my Betty (the white ones) shoes. Since I'm only 18 years old, why do I need 2 pairs of Betty/Bobby shoes?

ps. If you are interested in the Isabel Marant Betty (white) shoes, please contact me: tess.veen [at]

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Switzerland part 1

Travelling. I love it! I've never been outside of Europe, but I've got big plans!
Family. I love it too! Family is very important to me and I always love it when I meet new people inside my family. Like this summer.

My mom has an aunt and uncle who lives in Geneva, and this summer we (me and my parents) visit them in Switzerland. And that's where I met my second cousin (don't know if that's the correct word in English, as long as you understand it). We had a lot of fun those few days, speaking English, French and a bit of Dutch. (I think we've created our own language :p).

So she invited me to come to Geneva in the fall, and I did! I had a really great time and a lot of fun!

Here we were in the Jardin Botanique, a garden in Geneva filled with different kinds of plants from all over the world. Very interesting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello. The picture say's it all. I think that I'm the worlds worst writer of all time, so get prepared.

A little bit about me:

Tessa, 18 years old, live in the Netherlands, love food (especially pastry&desserts), traveling, photography and fashion. I have big dreams and I want all of them to come true.

That's kind of it.. Bye!