Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Switzerland part 3


Me and Isaline

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This is the last post about Switzerland. Isaline and I went from Geneva to the Vallée de Joux to spent some time with her family there. We had a lot of fun, we played games, visited an old village (see pictures above), did some homework and at night we watched Friends.
Fun fact: 1. We've watched season 1-5 in about 1 week.
Fun fact 2. English spoken with french subtitles. You won't believe how many times I saw the phrase 'Oh mon Dieu!'. But if you want to learn french, it won't hurt to put the subtitles in french (for the dutchies and other 'not-native-english-speakers' among us).

This is how my week looked like:

Friday: flying from Paris (yes, Paris!! More on that later ;) to Geneva.
Saturday: went to the center of Geneva and bought some delicious macarons from Ladurée (please, can somebody sent me some salty caramel macarons?), saw for the first time in my life a whole (!!) store filled with Christian Louboutin shoes! If you were there: yes, I was the girl drooling outside the store..
Sunday: Stayed at the house, began with the first season of Friends.
Monday: Went to the Jardin Botanique and to the movies, to Taken 2. You know, in France and in Switserland, the english movies are french spoken. So for me (not speaking french) it's hard to follow a movie in french with no subtitles. Besides I hate it when the original language is replaced with the language of the country that's playing it. But.... they had Taken 2 (which I really wanted to see) with the original language with french subtitles. So it was a win-win situation :) And we both really liked the movie.
Tuesday: Stayed at the house, having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, which ended with not watching and baking the chocolate cake.. The funny thing was that Isaline was certain that she had baking powder at home and no vanilla sugar. When we came home it appeared that she had no baking powder and did have vanilla sugar, but I only bought the vanilla sugar. So we had to bake the cake with yeast (because I really wanted to bake the cake and it was a challenge for me to see how the cake would turn out ;p) and it wasn't bad at all! I really liked it. Unfortunately, Isaline was sick that day so it was good that we stayed in.
Wednesday: We went to see the lake of Geneva for the first/last time that week and then we took the train to the Vallée de Joux to spent some time there.
Thursday: We went to Murten, a little village in the German speaking section of Switzerland.
Friday: I don't really remeber what we did, but I think we stayed at the house playing games (a lot of UNO) and chopping wood.
Saturday: Was really special. In Holland we're lucky if it snows, just for a little bit. But it was maybe the end of October and it began to snow! That made me want to stay even more.
Sunday: The end. I had to go home.. I really wanted to stay, but I had to work on monday so I had to go.. And the plain was kinda waiting for me (or not, cause they don't really wait for people). So I had to go home.. But I had an amazing week and really want to go back! But the good news is that Isaline is coming to Holland in February, so it's going to be the 'toerist-local-kind-of-week'.

Oh and did I mention it was my first time flying? :)

Funny story: On the way back (Geneva-Amsterdam), I sat next to a (dutch) man with his kid. Because when I wanted to ask if the seat next to him was free I just asked it in English (because you never know what language he speaks). Halfway there he asked me which language I spoke. So I said: 'English and Dutch'. (And I really said DUTCH, not Deutsch!). He answered: 'Oh! Yeah I learned Deutsch at school. Wasn't very good at it'. And I think 15 minutes before, I said something in Dutch to him. So now he still thinks that I don't understand a single word of Dutch.. Haha.

Happy Tuesday everybody!


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