Monday, December 31, 2012


Can you still see the tag on my shoes? This is the 'I'm so excited that I forget to remove it' picture.
2012.. This is the year that I:

- Made a weird video of cookies saying goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012
- Did a photoshoot in the middle of the woods while it was snowing. (So fun! But so cold!)
- Went to Strasbourg for a week to spent some time with family there and picking up some french (because I sucked at school and I really wanted to graduate.
- Went to Zeeland and scored some really good sunset pictures! (And a couple of weird ones of me.. Thanks mom!)
- Graduated from high school!
- Went to Biarritz and met Carissa Moore there!! (Highlight of the year!) O and scored some really good action shots of Sally Fitzgibbons ripping some small waves. (But unfortunately it was a cloudy day..)
- Went to Switzerland to visit family and meeting new family members (like Isaline) :)
- Decided not to go to college this year and just having fun.
- Joined the hockeyteam again.
- Ordered the Isabel Marant Betty shoes in white. (Yay me!)
- Donated 30cm of my hair to the charity called Stichting Haarwensen. (They make wigs for people who have cancer).
- Went to Paris for a week with my parents and brothers and sis-in-law.
- Flew straight to Geneva after that (all by myself, and the first time flying)! And I had an amazing week over there!
- Got myself an early christmas present: the Isabel Marant Bobby shoes in camel.
- Created a blog called 'The Dutchie'
- Now typing this piece for my blog, who I've ignored for the last few days..

Happy new year everybody! And I'll see you in 2013!

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  1. nice pictures and I like that kind of early Christmas presents ;)